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    Welcome to collaborative and solution based help to experience joy, success and purpose in your life.


    We are a group of experienced licensed psychotherapists with a wide variety of expertise and areas of specialization.


    Our offices are located in Rockville, MD and North Potomac, MD.

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    Irmgard Classen-Miller, MSW, LCSW-C

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker

    Welcome to collaborative and solution based help to experience joy, success and purpose in your life. For over 25 years I have worked with adults, couples, families, adolescents and children in Maryland. My practice is culturally and ethnically diverse. I founded the group practice Classen-Miller & Associates which offers a full range of clinical approaches for all age groups with our licensed clinicians reflecting the full diversity of our community.


    My approach is integrative using cognitive/behavioral (CBT), psychodynamic, dialectical (DBT) approaches and family systems. I help clients combine insights and understanding with behavioral changes vital to personal and professional growth. My areas of expertise include depression/anxiety/bipolar/psychosis, eating disorders, substance abuse and family/couples/children issues.


    If you are struggling with an eating disorder, the level of care and kind of treatment you are receiving are essential in helping you to feel better. My extensive experience working in private practice and in clinics treating eating disorders allows me to offer thorough assessment and comprehensive treatment (Maudsley approach if appropriate).


    Learn more on my Psychology Today profile.

    Abbe Levine, MSW, 


    Licensed Clinical Social Worker

    For 25 years, I have worked with adolescent, adults, couples, and families to make changes in their lives and relationships. I provide a safe and nonjudgmental environment that enables people to work towards solutions, develop coping skills and have a better understanding of the issues that interfere with self-esteem and a sense of well being.


    My approach is integrative using cognitive/behavioral, psychodynamic, solution focused and family systems. I help clients identify strengths and rely on internal resources to resume or obtain balance and satisfaction in their lives.


    My areas of practice include: adoption issues for all members of the adoption circle, depression, anxiety, trauma, bi-polar disorder, substance abuse, geriatrics and medical decision making for families.


    Learn more on my Psychology Today profile.

    Chitra Jayachandran, MSW, LCSW-C, LICSW

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker

    Deciding to see a therapist can be a challenge in many ways. I believe when faced with a challenge, seeking outside help can be a another source of strength. I tailor my approach to fit my client's specific needs. I am here to work on your goals, identify potential problems, and develop good coping skills for successful outcomes.


    I work with different age groups from children and beyond. I see and work with a range of disorders. I am compassionate, caring, nonjudgmental, and supportive to my clients. I am passionate about my work and I feel privileged to work with you.


    It is never easy taking the first step, I understand that you are an unique individual with a unique set of difficulties. I am here to walk you through the steps and achieve your goals to help you live a productive life.


    Learn more on my Psychology Today profile.

    Debra Kanter Klaus, MSW, MA, LCSW-C

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker

    I enjoy working with clients who are willing to engage in therapy from a creative perspective with the goal of exploring the mind body connections, and the interplay between feelings and behavior. It has been gratifying to work with clients who are attuned to the relational perspective of psychotherapy. I am passionate about working with children, adolescents and and their caregivers, helping them adjust to transitions, stressors, and pressures of functioning at home, school and work. I find satisfaction from utilizing my teaching experiences and creative outlook to bring a flexible perspective to problem solving at all levels.


    I draw from cognitive behavioral modalities, psycho-dynamic theories and attachment work, as well as expressive arts and experiential mindfulness techniques. These models all serve to help each person develop tools to navigate obstacles that block the path toward healthy growth.


    I am an LCSW-C clinical therapist. In addition, I received an MA in Dance from American University. As a therapist and former teacher, I have combined my somatic knowledge, teaching strategies and understanding of creative processes into an integrative practice. These skills allow me to co-construct and uniquely tailor each therapeutic relationship.


    Learn more on my Psychology Today profile.

    Emily Houck, MA,


    Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

    My clinical training and professional background is in community counseling, with a focus on addictions, mental health disorders, and grief and trauma. I work with children (age 5 and up), adolescents, and adults. My therapeutic presence is naturally open, accepting, and warm. I am very goal-oriented with my clients, as I believe in making the therapeutic process as productive, solution-focused, and meaningful as possible. I do work with clients to gain insight into how experiences from the past inform their present, but I do this in a way that focuses on working toward solving problems in the here-and-now.


    My therapeutic approach is integrative and individualized to meet the needs and goals of my clients. I am a trauma-informed counselor. I predominantly utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing techniques, psychoeducational techniques, mindfulness-based practices, and play therapy (when working with children).


    I have special interest in working with clients in regards to issues of addictions (particularly substance use, gambling, and compulsive eating), grief, trauma, mood disorders, anxiety, and behavioral health issues that are informed by societal oppression. I also have special experience working with clients who have been recently-diagnosed with HIV.


    Learn more on my Psychology Today profile.

    Francine Schwartz, MSW, MBA, LCSW-C

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker

    My extensive experience with adults and couples using an eclectic and flexible style has been very helpful to clients, whether they are dealing with sudden or traumatic experiences or problems of long standing. I utilize a variety of methods including behavioral, psychodynamic and psycho-educational to actively work with the client to develop a frame of reference and an approach that can lead to rapid improvement including symptom relief and insight. I am able to work with individuals who have workplace issues as well as problems of daily life and conflict within the family setting.


    Due to my training in human resource management and organizational behavior I am often able to help clients make sense of workplace challenges and management strategies which impact their career and success in the workplace. I am also interested in working with entrepreneurs who are trying to maximize their effectiveness and functional skills.


    I have been in practice for over 30 years and have a lot of life experience to provide seasoning and empathy.


    Learn more on my Psychology Today profile.

    Katharina H Von Gersdorff, MS,


    Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

    I enjoy working with adolescents, adults, couples, children and families who are facing a challenge and are looking for support. My experience in clinical practice allows me to assist with goal directed activities and work to achieve significant changes. A large part of my work is helping clients manage their anxiety or depression and to take concrete steps towards a more positive future. We work together to accomplish goals that the client has chosen to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their behaviors.We focus on changing relationship dynamics and learning new coping skills.


    My desire is to work with the client to gain insight that drives positive behavioral changes and helps the client to stop fighting their emotions. My approach is integrative and I incorporate different therapies such as psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, acceptance and commitment to best assist the client's needs.


    I have experience with a variety of issues, ages and cultures. It has been very meaningful to me to work with clients who have anxiety, trauma history and are survivors of domestic violence. My work with adolescents has been focused on academic pressures, relationships, gender and social orientation issues.


    Learn more on my Psychology Today profile.

    Mary E Javel, PhD,

    Clinical Psychologist

    Clinical Psychologist

    I'm a believer in the power and possibility of new beginnings. My primary orientation is relational where therapist and client co-create the therapeutic process. Working in an atmosphere of trust and openness, together we can find fresh space in which to grow and explore. I have worked as a psychotherapist for 20+ years and truly enjoy working with people. I am very creative and able to work across therapeutic modalities to meet the needs of each client. I'm here to help.


    As a therapist, I've had my share of new beginnings. Initially, I worked mostly with young children and families. Later, I maintained a private practice serving children, adolescents, adults and families. Most recently I have worked in geriatrics, helping older people find meaning in their latter years.


    I have a special interest in helping people through change and transition, such as children leaving home, divorce, adjusting to changing family needs and grief/loss. I have maintained an interest in autism spectrum disorders through the lifespan. Through personal experience, I appreciate the needs of families trying to help a member with these challenges.


    Learn more on my Psychology Today profile.

    Mona Malik, MA,


    Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

    I use my cultural background, professional training & experience to effectively address multicultural issues and problems that stem from social factors and the environment in which the client lives in. I excel at assisting clients who are invested in their own personal growth. Additionally, I have successfully treated clients struggling with women's issues and existential concerns related to seeking a more meaningful life.


    I specialize in problem areas including depression, anxiety, multicultural & women's issues, and dysfunctional behavior(s). My professional training and experience allow me to specialize in a therapy approach tailored to a client's unique needs with the most effective therapeutic interventions.


    Being born in Ghana with Indian parents, I am of Asian-Indian descent and am especially sensitive to multicultural issues as well as how social factors impact my clients. My clinical training and over 10 years of professional experience allow me to develop a unique perspective to support clients in realizing their unique potential.


    Learn more on my Psychology Today profile.

    Mariquita G. Mullan, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

    Clinical Psychologist

    Fear, sadness, grief, anger, anxiety, betrayal, confusion, physical pain and other life/relationship/work stresses can leave us feeling lost--- out of balance with ourselves and with others who are important to us. I have worked for 20+ years doing solution-focused and long-term therapy with individuals, couples and families who are challenged with these kinds of issues. I actively engage with my clients to bring about new insights, and fresh ways of thinking, feeling and behaving where a re-balance can occur. Clients achieve greater clarity, empowerment, peace and satisfaction and in turn feel more connected with themselves and others.


    A bit about me--I am a clinical psychologist but also hold degrees and expertise in nursing and public health. This combination of credentials has informed my practice allowing me to understand and work in a deeper and more integrative manner. I utilize Cognitive-Behavioral, family systems, psychodynamic, mind-body, and Hypnosis techniques where needed.


    My interests and focus areas are relationships, communications, anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, grief/loss, betrayal, transitions, divorce, disability, parenting, and medical/health symptomatology and concerns. I have some proficiency with Spanish and welcome English as well as Spanish-speaking clients who can speak some English.


    Learn more on my Psychology Today profile.

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  • Our Rockville/North Bethesda Office

    Classen-Miller and Associates is located at 5880 Hubbard Drive, Rockville, MD, 20852. Our Rockville/North Bethesda location is a 10 minute walk from the White Flint or Twinbrook metro stations. Our townhouse location provides easy access with free parking directly outside the office.

  • Our North Potomac Office

    Our second location is at 13111 Moran Court, North Potomac, MD, 20878. Ample street parking is available.

  • About Us

    Areas of Expertise and Specialization

    • ADHD
    • Academic Underachievement
    • Addiction
    • Adoption
    • Anger Management
    • Behavioral Issues
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Borderline Personality
    • Child or Adolescent
    • Coping Skills
    • Cross-Cultural Issues
    • Dual Diagnosis
    • Family Conflict
    • Grief
    • Life Coaching
    • Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
    • Parenting
    • Relationship Issues
    • Self Esteem
    • Self-Harming
    • Substance Abuse
    • Trauma and PTSD
    • Impulse Control Disorders
    • Mood Disorders
    • Personality Disorders
    • Psychosis

    Our Approach

    Treatment Orientation

    • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
    • Dialectical (DBT)
    • Family / Marital
    • Mindfulness-based (MBCT)
    • Multicultural
    • Online Treatment via Telehealth
    • Play Therapy
    • Psychodynamic


    • Individuals
    • Couples
    • Family
    • Groups